Green Deen South Africa aims to create environmental conscientiousness in our South African Muslim community by fostering a culture of active participation in socio-ecological issues. Green Deen South Africa seeks to achieve this by creating a national network of education, communication, tool-sharing and collaboration for the South African community, from our young children at the grassroots levels moving up to our larger organisations and policy development. This initiative brings to the forefront the inherent relationship between Islam and the environment.

Is Islam really a "Green Deen"?

The short and simple answer is YES! Islam in principle and practice is deeply rooted in understanding and caring for all creation and resources on our planet and in the universe. Read more...

The #GDnetwork

The #GDnetwork is a network of South African and non-South African individuals and organisations who share ideas, information and events related to Islam, the environment, and community. Fill out the form to join the network at https://goo.gl/forms/SPIQfeiQeaF8xSB12

The Willing

Individuals who are or who would like to be involved in environmental work.

    Universities and Darul Ulooms
    Universities and Darul Ulooms

    The Transformers

    Students, organisations, educators, researchers and motivators at tertiary level, ready to commit.

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