What is Green Deen South Africa?

Green Deen South Africa aims to create environmental conscientiousness in our South African Muslim community by fostering a culture of active participation in socio-ecological issues. Green Deen South Africa seeks to achieve this by creating a national network of education, communication, tool-sharing and collaboration for the South African community, from our young children at the grassroots levels moving up to our larger organisations and policy development.

Balance disruptionThis initiative brings to the forefront the inherent relationship between Islam and the environment. Having started of as an initiative of the national MSA Union in October 2013, Green Deen South Africa has grown into an independent national platform to motivate, advise and gain support for and from individuals, communities, schools, madressahs, universities, Masaajid and other organisations. Green Deen South Africa seeks to be the voice of the Muslim community when it comes to environmental issues and the portal of collaboration with other existing larger environmental organisations and government in South Africa, Insha-Allah.

Our Objectives:

  1. To research and present excellent and accessible scholarship on the environment and environmental issues from an Islamic theological perspective, emphasizing the intimate nature that humans need to be actively having with the environment
  2. To raise awareness about current environmental issues facing our world, especially in a South African context.
  3. To provide proactive information and tools that individuals, organisations and communities can use and adopt for caring for their natural environment.
  4. To create an ongoing network and platform of communication and activism that fosters this environment-Islam bond by allowing for education, collaboration and motivation among the South African Muslim community in particular.

May Almighty Allah guide us, strengthen us and accept our efforts. May He grant success to the little and big things that we as an Ummah undertake in caring for his creation that he has entrusted us with, Aameen.

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