Because caring for all creations, wherever, whenever, is part of being Muslim.

Ijtima 2016 Green Deen South Africa

  1. Getting there
    • Walk, ride a bicycle, or carpool. Less traffic. Less toxic fumes. Save petrol. Save money. Save the environment.
  2. Be courteous to the land and its inhabitants
    • The Ijtima grounds are the home of insects, birds and plants. They live there during the Ijtima and after the Ijtima. Respect them, respect our Creator.
  3. Reflect on the creation
    • It’s going to be busy, crowded and noisy. Look at the sky, the trees, the land, the ants and the bees. Breathe deeply. Relax. Remember Allah SWT. Thank Allah SWT for this Earth and its resources that we use (and often abuse).
  4. Be water wise
    • Because its Sunnah. Don’t waste water while making wudhu, istinjaa, ghusl, washing cars, etc.
  5. Respect your food
    • Wasting is an act of the devil (“Indeed the wasteful are the brothers of the devil” – Quran, 17:27) and a sin. Not only does wasting food create more rubbish and more methane gas, it is also a waste of money and resources, and of life itself. Yesterday, your chicken tikka was drinking water and eating grain at a farm nearby.
  6. Reduce your plastic wasteCarry a fabric bag for your shopping. Eat using your hands. Say no to straws. Share and reuse your plastic plates and glasses.
  7. Keep the land clean
    • Don’t litter. Use the bins. Pick up the litter that gets blown around. Get some exercise in between lectures.
  8. Do your green ghasht duty
    • Encourage others (nicely) to be good, green Muslims.

May Allah SWT enable us to be caretakers of His earth and all His Creation. May we find the discipline and strength to maintain the Ijtima grounds during and between Ijtimas. Aameen.
(And perhaps, InshaAllah, we will have waste reduction, sorting, decomposing and recycling facilities at our next ijtima.)



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