Lead SA & many other organisations are partnering up to ‪#‎TeamUpToCleanUp‬ South Africa on Saturday, 6 June 2015.

They are inviting all South Africans to join the national clean up of our backyards, streets, schools & local parks! We deserve to live in a clean environment & working together as active citizens, we can make it happen!

Green Deen South Africa would like to challenge all organisations, religious leaders, businesses, media, communities, teachers, students and individuals to take up this call. Let us take our hijaabs, topees, tasbeehs and dustbin bags, and ‪#‎PaintOurStreetsGreen‬ on 6 June!
When you host your #TeamUpToCleanUp, please share with us pictures of your efforts or details of your events via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

National Environment Week 2015

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