Purple Bandage is a non-profit, community based organisation from Roshnee, Gauteng, South Africa. They have been active in the community for some time and have done sterling social, economic and (now) environmental work. Read their call-out for tree sponsorhips below!

There’s no denying the SPEED BUMPS have slowed us down ?, we might as well make the ride scenic ?. We are embarking on a journey to turn Roshnee into a beautiful green oasis and we need your help ??ً. This is a lovely opportunity to earn continuous reward by sponsoring a shady fruit bearing tree.

The benefits of more trees are many some of which are:

  • Trees clean the air
  • They provide oxygen
  • Trees will help cool down our town
  • They help save water
  • they are beautiful markers of changing seasons.
  • Trees will attract more diverse bird and insect life

Most importantly, the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said, “There is none amongst the Muslims who plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, but is regarded as a charitable gift for him.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 2320)

The trees we are looking at are peach, apricot and pecan nuts. We have sourced bigger, stronger trees at a cost of R200 each. Please sponsor a tree or two and encourage your friends and family to do the same. As a gift, in memory of someone or for yourself trees are indeed a life giving gift to give.

Please deposit funds into the following account

Type of Account : Current Account
Bank: HBZ
Branch :Vereeniging
Bank Branch Code :570 101
Account No. :11 901 287218

Cash or cheque deposits Only :
A/C NO:408 463 6633
Alternatively, deposits can be made directly at any HBZ Bank Ltd branch

For further info and to send through proof of payment, so we can issue you with a certificate please email info@purplebandage.org or 0834588868 SMS/Whatsapp only any of the Purple Bandage team members

via @GreenDeenSA

Charity Tree Planting Hadith, Green Deen SA

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