-2015-12-20, Faizal Essop

The Sisende Survival camp that is co-ordinated by Adil Mungalee and Mustaqeem Gani is truly a memorable, empowering and self-enriching program. Having attended the latest boys’ camp that took place on the 14-16 December 2015 at the Willows Express, Denneysville, I have to thank all of those involved. Thank you for giving me the platform to share the little knowledge I have and also in the process acquire and learn a lot. Thank you to the campers for their young energy and enthusiasm.

Sisinde Survival camp, Dec 2015, boys

The camp is based on principals of respect, leadership, discipline, team work and intelligence. Survivor skills in water procurement and purification, shelter building, fire making and food capture and preparation are taught to campers. Simple facts like general uses and medicinal uses of trees, grasses and plants are shared with the campers. Basic information on ecology, geography and history of the area is also shared. Kids enjoy fishing, canoeing and just enjoying nature in their leisure time.

Sisinde Survival Camp Dec 2015 2

Having been out in nature for almost three days, the young campers returned home with restored vigour and a renewed vision in life. They start to view the world around them in a different light, to appreciate the small aspects of life. Character and personalities are enhanced and most importantly, basic #GreenDeen principals are taught

The sad reality is that most of our children are not learning to swim, yet they are drowning in their laptops and computers. They obsession on what clothes they wear and how they look has detracted them from looking around them and building good, strong character within themselves. These camps present the ideal opportunity to be part of, experience and increase our love for nature. Natures and ourselves are the All-Mighty’s creation.With the correct intention, simply being in nature becomes a source of worship.

Sisinde Survival Camp Dec 2015

For more details on Sisinde Survival Camps, which are either boys’ or girls’ camps, please contact Adil Munglee on 0614592272 or visit www.fishingfanatix.com. The camps are aimed at the age group of 10-13 year youth. Sisinde Survival Camps are part of our Green Deen South Africa Network.

Faizal Essop is an accountant and risk manager from Johannesburg. Despite his rather “unnatural” career, Faizal is a staunch Green Deener. An accredited field ranger and a student of the Islamic Sciences at Jamiah, Faizal has been with us at Green Deen South Africa since 2014. Tune into his weekly Green Deen segment on Channel Islam International every Tuesday at 16:45 with Imraan Ismail on #TheBuzz.

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