The #greenheroes of Mayfair, Fordsburg and surrounds

– Part of this article has been doing its rounds on social media and has been adapted by the @GreenDeenSA team for this post.

UPDATE ON #OperationCleanUp ….

Mayfair Fordsburg cleanup 2016The Pikitup ( strike in the Johannesburg Metropolitan Area has been on for almost a month now. Citizens, tired of the rubbish piling on their street corners have decided to take matters into their own hands and clean up the neighbourhoods. An early start (usually around 6:30 pm) and an early ending (often at 2:30 am in the morning) is not uncommon for these brave citizens and workers. The cleaning brigade works the streets with tipper trucks, a compactor truck, and a grader, and is accompanied by an army of Red Ants, volunteers and support vehicles as security. A shortage of financial resources is no deterrent to these #greenheroes that are cleaning up the streets of Fordsburg, Pageview, Mayfair, Mayfair West, Crosby and Homestead Park. The enthusiasm of the group keeps them going night after night into the wee hours of the morning.

These are our unsung heroes. They are the champions of our community with no concern for their own safety. Leaving family and loved ones at home while they cart off mountains of dirt. #greenheroes

Mayfair Fordsburg cleanup (14)The going gets tough as the battle rages from street corner to street corner, suburb by suburb. The war on litter is by no means over, but being won one rubbish-filled bag at a time. From Newtown Square to Mint Road, along Albertina Sisulu and down into Church Street, along the railway line and criss-crossing through countless lanes, roads and avenues. Some areas are being cleaned for the third and fourth time. There seems to be no shortage of waste.

How do the organisers manage? Actually, they don’t! There was a shortfall of R 6,000 (six thousand rand) on one night to pay the workers. An army marches on its stomach and it is a constant struggle to feed this army of #greenheroes.

How can you help?

  1. Don’t dump.
  2. Reduce and reuse – produce less waste.
  3. Recycle.
  4. Volunteer your labour and services – join the clean-ups!
  5. Make a donation of money.
  6. Make a donation of food to the clean up crew!
  7. Donate supplies – gloves, bags, masks, etc.
  8. These are but a few ways you can get involved!

Only once you’ve gotten your hands dirty and smelt the odour of rotting garbage will you realise how mankind is choking its own environment. Call your friends into action and dare to be dirty! Take a whiff of Eu d’Foodsburg. It will change your life.

Please contact 0835809896 or 0825776780 or 0848861996 to get involved.

Mayfair Fordsburg cleanup (19)

(The organisers and volunteers involved in the cleaning up wish to remain unnamed. They are keeping their efforts apolitical and do not want to attribute it to any individual or organisation. This is a collaborative effort of community organisations in the area. May Allah SWT reward them for their sincerity and humbleness.)

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