– 2014-11-16, Fatima Ragie

“The Museum المتحف ” is a newly established Islamic museum at the Darul Uloom Zakariyya University, south of Johannesburg, South Africa. Extremely well designed, well reMuseum logosearched, pleasantly themed and of moderate size, The Museum is definitely worth a visit.


Having recently visited The Museum, I felt that the strong take home messages from the centre warranted a share on the Green Deen networks. The replicas of common household objects and artifacts on display, the models of the early 7th century city of Madinah and the rich history of ahaadith presented sent out a clear lesson – simplicity and moderation. Our noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) led a life that allowed him to be truly connected to our creator and His creations. A life that was stripped of the excessive frills that we so often enforce on ourselves,

Consumerism. The chainsaw of all good. Kills our spirituality. Eats away at our society. Creates the endless cycle of want-use-greed-discard that lies at the bottom of all our environmental woes. Consumerism. That which our blessed Prophet Muhammad (SAW) strongly advocated against.

Back to the Museum – it was a simple reminder, among other lessons, that our Prophet Muhammad SAW lived a simple life even if in his latter years he could have lived in luxury.

Some things in particular that caught my eye emphasizing this wise, simple, moderate lifestyle were:

  • The small measurement vessel of a “mudd”, approximately 755ml of water, which the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) would use to make the wudhu ablution before prayers. #SaveWater

1 Mudd 2 Mudd

  • The simple sandals that he wore even though he had access to wealth.

3 Sandals

  • His simple bedding.

4 Pillow 5 Pillow

  • The handmill that his daughter Fatima (RA) would use to grind grain (even though her father was a ruler, she was advised to do her own work rather than have a slave).

6 Flour grinder


  • The advice to sustain oneself with a simple job rather than to beg.The fruits and vegetables that was part of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s diet instead of a meat-rich diet. #EatHealthy #EatSimple

7 Livelihoods

If you would like to visit The Museum at Darul Uloom Zakariyya to experience some valuable aspects of our Prophet’s life (and do think of the Green Deen lessons) please contact Moulana Younus Ali on 082 302 9850 or email him at younus@frankstreet.co.za. The Museum is usually open to the public on Sunday afternoons (confirm before visiting) while special trips can be arranged for schools and madressahs during the week. You can find The Museum’s Page on Facebook. May Allah SWT reward all of those involved in the establishment of this Museum.

Enjoy the photos! Visit! Ma’as salaam.


8 Hunting dogs 10 Shield 11 Cucumber 12 Fruits 13 Onions 14 Dung Beetle 15 Outside

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