Qurbaani connection poster DBeing in a position to influence mindsets always comes with a great responsibility of getting the correct message through to your audience, An essential part of communicating your message effectively is making sure that your audience owns the message and has fun receiving the messenger, especially if the audience is made up of youth.

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Now, for some ideas! Please do communicate back to us on what you are planning to do and if you have any other resources or ideas. Contacts details are at the end of the article. We welcome photos of all activities done!

1) Turn your audience into researchers!

  • Make them research into the Islamic and scientific aspects of Qurbani (see our main article The Qurbani Connection for some interesting questions).
  • Encourage your audience to interview local farmers, vets, scholars and the public on Qurbani.
  • Take this research and ask your audience to present it as formal research reports, speeches and posters!

2) Make it fun. Make it creative.

  • Encourage them to make art works and collages on any aspect of Qurbani.
  • Write up and act out plays – from topics like “A Day on The Farm” to “The story of Prophet Ibrahim AS, Prophet Ismail AS and the amper (almost) sacrifice”.
  • Host colouring competitions!
  • Tajweed of Animal Sounds – Have a friendly competition who can moo/meh the best like a cow/sheep/goat/camel.
  • Have cake sales with cakes decorated to the #TheQurbaniConnection theme, and use the money raised to improve the gardens in the school.
  • Host photography competitions (most of the kids love Instagram…tell them to tag us @GreenDeenSA).

3) Take them out there! (Or bring the farm to school)

Yes, please, an excursion to a local farm to speak to the experts, or host a farmer at your school.

  • Plant trees, reminding learners that it is a Sunnah, and that as Muslim we value all life – human, animal and plant.
  • The excursion to a local farm should ideally be to a farm that will be doing Qurbani on Eid-ul-Adha.
  • Ask the farmer to explain the habits of the animals and the procedure of Qurbani. Emphasis must be placed on the how animals need to be treated well. Furthermore, ask the farmer to explain why patience is needed from the public on Eid day.
  • Get the kids to touch the animals, play with them, feed them, connect with them.
  • Have a picnic on the farm/school, and a halqa session sharing Islamic knowledge, thoughts on Qurbani and funny memories.


Think. Talk. Engage….and get back to us!  (especially with fresh ideas) #TheQurbaniConnection


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Think. Talk. Engage….and get back to us! #TheQurbaniConnection

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